Wedding Week – Final Edition

“Wedding Week” turned into “Wedding Week + One Day” because the internet went out yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t work, and I couldn’t post the final list, so I folded laundry and scrubbed bathrooms instead. After a chaotic morning meeting work deadlines with coffee shop Wi-Fi, the phone company did some hocus pocus with the neighborhood phone box and I’m back in business. More on the Man:

  • He is brave – Carl tackles hard work without a flinch, flew to war without a whimper, and cheerfully heads downstairs with the nearest blunt instrument when his wife hears a crash in the night. Turns out the dishwasher in our home makes loud crashing noises in the middle of the night. If you are downstairs investigating, you might as well grab a cookie and a glass of milk while you’re at it. All that bravery takes energy. He was also brave enough to go shooting with my Dad the first time he met him…and Dad didn’t shoot him in the foot for dating his daughter! Thanks, Dad!
  • He is kind – No description needed. He just is.
  • He is trustworthy – He handles responsibility with integrity. I know I can trust his behaviour and good sense, whether or not someone is around and watching.
  • He taught me to love liturgy – I’d attended a handful of Catholic or Episcopal services before we started dating, but was too busy being terrified and confused by the unfamiliarity and incomprehensibility of it all to be able to focus. Having someone by my side to explain what was going on and hearing what he loved about it opened up a new world of meditative worship. I feel lucky to be able to attend churches from multiple denominations – rock solid protestant-style preaching, traditional hymns, and catechism right along with chant, intoned gospels, incense, and Glorias.
  • He is loyal – Loyal to God, family, friends, and country. Yes, this is starting to sound like the Boy Scout Law, but Carl was never so much as a Tenderfoot.
  • He trims the hedges – Carl took care of the front landscaping for our first half year in the house. It wasn’t until he left for training that I took on his job of clipping the hedges and realized that 1) your arms really ache after just ten minutes, and 2) half those bushes out front are thorn bushes. He’d never mentioned it.

I could keep writing these lists daily all year, but need to stop somewhere. Carl, thank you for marrying me. Life with you is an adventure, a blessing, and a joy.

Making our escape from the reception in our snow, slush, and salt splattered rental car. Picture by our photographer. We held the reception in a hall in one of the University buildings – a winter afternoon tea with warm drinks like coffee, cocoa, tea, and hot cider, scones, sandwiches, quiche, and Romanian sausages. It felt cheerful and festive while staying fairly simple: we skipped the wedding favors, used flowers and baskets of winter oranges for decorations, and (thanks to some calls by my mother) found a string quartet of impoverished students overjoyed to earn a little cash.



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