A Request

Dear Churches,

Please do yourselves a favor and restrict information on your signs to the church name and service times. In the past several months I’ve passed cheerful proclamations like:

“Forecast: the Son will shine forever!”

“Jesus is God’s Valentine to us”

“Under same management for 2011 years”

Stop. Just stop. Please. The signs aren’t edifying the congregation. They are not drawing in outsiders (that deafening silence you hear? it’s the herd of men not stampeding for a message about a Valentines’ gift). Nobody flocks to church¬†inspired by terrible puns, and you’re making me blush every time I drive out on errands.

Respectfully Yours,



4 thoughts on “A Request

  1. Regarding “Under same management for 2011 years”…The history and the math..If the Resurrection is at roughly 30 – 35 AD, shouldn’t the number of years be different?

    You can’t be too picky…

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