Wedding Week – Part 6

Subtitle: “Spoiled Rotten” or “A picture’s worth a thousand words even if you take it with your cruddy old camera rather than the shiny new one.”

We interrupt these lists about Carl’s awesomeness for some pictorial evidence:


Today is our actual anniversary. Carl ordered a beautiful bouquet of flowers in advance and I enjoyed them all weekend. This morning I opened the package he’d sent and pulled out my very own set of one of my favorite book series. While making dinner this evening, spoon in hand and meat sputtering in the pan for this recipe, I looked around the kitchen at the lovely flowers and the new books and thought how lucky and spoiled I am, and how generous he’d been.

Then the doorbell rang. 

The delivery man handed over a box. A large box. A large box filled to the brim with myriad chocolatey treats: Ferrero Rocher. Chewy chocolate toffee. Ghirardelli squares. Apple caramels. Pixies. Regular toffee. French almond twists. Nut crunch. Dipping pretzels. Chocolate pecan caramel stars. Butter toffee popcorn. All the way from Afghanistan, Carl engineered an anniversary treat I’ll remember forever. It’s not often you can make someone’s jaw drop from the other side of the world, but he managed.

That basket looks a little less pretty than it did on arrival because wrapping and ribbons were standing between me and the Ferrero Rocher. See that last lonely nervous one in the white package on top of the basket? It’s trying to sneak away before suffering the same fate as its two older siblings. The escape attempt was not succesful. Chocolate has a short life expectancy in this home. The books, by the way, are Ralph Moody’s “Little Britches” series. We read them aloud as a family years ago, and I’ve plowed through them over and over again ever since. They’re the true story of a boy’s adventurous journey to manhood and responsibility. Think the Little House books, but on cowboy/ranching/Wild West steroids. Cattle drives, Indians, water fights, cyclones, floods, bronc busting, rodeos, and a family dragging a living out of the dry Colorado soil – and that’s just the first book!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Week – Part 6

  1. Thanks Stacey. The great thing about anniversaries is that they’re so much less stressful than weddings. Yet another reason I’m all for one wedding and a good 60 years of anniversaries to follow :-).

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