Wedding Week – Part 5

Aaaaaaannnnd even more reasons I love and respect the Man:

  • He’s a great teacher – Carl puts a lot of thought and time into teaching his medical students, interns, and residents well. He gives great lectures. He coaches struggling subordinates. He teaches the way he wishes he’d been taught. His students think he’s the best (and they’re right – not that I’m biased or anything).
  • He’s a great doctor – In addition to college Carl went through four years of med school, three years of residency, and three years of fellowship to be able to help people. He’s dedicated, professional, and compassionate. He sees both the disease, and the actual person in a patient. Many get better, some don’t. He’s there for his patients and will work himself into an exhausted bleary-eyed wreck fighting for their health. He cares about the patients’ families too. I can’t imagine how hard it is to watch one person after another die, and then go into the next room to explain the details to families and talk with them at one of the worst moments of their life. He, however, considers it a privilege to be able to serve and comfort patients and their families. If the number of thank you notes, gifts, and baked goods he received when we left our last posting are any indication, they sure do appreciate him.
  • He likes milk chocolate – …which means I get to horde the dark chocolate in peace and safety.
  • He’s hard working – Most people complain if they have a sixty hour work week. That’s a short week for him. He tackles any job or project, at work or at home, wholeheartedly and with a will. One minute he’s in the kitchen. The next the hedges have been trimmed, the garage vacuumed, and all the laundry is folded. Either we have a magic house or he’s awesome – I’m going with option 2.
  • He fights for a good marriage – Wedding vows don’t just promise faithfulness physically. They mean mental and spiritual faithfulness as well, and he fights for a pure mind and an ever-stronger marriage each day. Carl is not only willing but eager to work for a strong marriage through personal and spiritual habits, communication, and reading.
  • He’s supportive – Carl’s my number one cheerleader (no skirt or pom-poms, sorry). He encourages me to try things I’m interested in, gently nudges me back on track when necessary, and is always the first with an Attaboy. Marriage shouldn’t be about Me Me Me, but it’s amazing when your spouse has your back, whether you’ve had an awful week or a huge success.
  • He does funny things when sleep-deprived – Doctors are sleep-deprived a lot – might as well get some fun out of it. My favorite was finding a bag of coffee tenderly tucked into the bookshelf. Reason? Unknown. Head-scratching chuckle in the morning? Priceless. Of course, when you point at someone else you’ve got three fingers pointing back at yourself. That’s a story for another time.

We had a relatively small wedding (for home schoolers) – just relatives and a few family friends on each side. It’s just that home schoolers breed like rabbits so one family might mean parents, six kids, married spouses, and grandkids. It fills up fast. This pictures was also taken by our photographer and is one of my favorites. Nothing contradicts the “It’s all about you/it’s your special day/Bridezilla” message of the wedding industry like the gracious support and witness of friends as you join in a holy and unbreakable oath before God. The guests aren’t invited because of gifts, or for a party. They are part of the ceremony, and will hold you accountable to your covenant through future ups and downs.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Week – Part 5

  1. I love this chapel too. Although it stands right in the middle of the University of Chicago’s main quad, surprisingly few students ever poked their heads in the door or knew about the treasure inside. I thought “what a beautiful place to get married” from the first time I walked in as a new student – lucky me, five years later it happened!

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