Wedding Week – Part 4

We’re getting closer to our anniversary. Here are a few more additions to the “reasons Carl rocks” list:

  • He cares about family – We pray for all our parents, siblings, and relatives on both sides of the family every day. Carl loves his parents, and spends many hours thinking about and praying for his little sisters, the choices they’ll make, and the adults they’ll become. One of the first things I noticed the day we met was how respectfully he treated his family, how much he enjoyed being with them, and the undivided attention he gave his little sisters. A medical schedule plus Army regulations means he often doesn’t have the freedom to travel or spend holidays as he’d like, but he works very hard to make the best of it and maximize the opportunities he gets.  I deeply appreciate that he loves my family too. We’re surrounded by amazing people on both sides of the family, and we’re very lucky. Once we have kids Carl will be an amazing father as well.
  • He has good taste and a great eye for art and design – Carl is my tough, manly, outdoors Army guy. Carl also enjoys good art, good music, good books, and good architecture. He draws well, sings with a deep strong tenor, introduces me to great books, and evaluates every house he walks past. He can point out the best painting in a gallery or room at a glance, and will stand in one spot looking at a well-executed painting for half an hour. Actually, his appreciation for great classical painting resulted in confusion that almost canned our relationship. When we were still just getting to know one another, we met up for a wander through the Art Institute of Chicago. After working our way up past the 1500s and 1600s he paused at a landscape, turned, and confided “this one is my favorite painting in the world.” My response? Raised eyebrows, an eye-roll, and a skeptical “Oh, really?” Fact learned that day: Carl’s normal smile looks exactly like the smirk my Dad lets loose when he’s trying to pull a fast one. The two should not be confused because it might result in your future husband showing you his favorite object in the world and you sneering in return. Thankfully, once the confusion was explained he just grinned, which leads to the next trait:
  • He’s a good sport – Carl doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is willing to laugh at mistakes (his own included) rather than assuming malice.
  • He loves animals and kids – Bonus points, his voiceovers of what dogs and babies might be thinking leave me helpless with laughter. Kids and dogs like Carl in return.
  • He is patient and compassionate – Two separate traits, but they often go together. Take note, interns and residents of this world who’ve yanked Carl out of his sleep countless times to ask him something you could’ve looked up in Pocket Medicine. He did not rip your head off, choosing instead to remember the terror of being an intern himself. Hear, and be grateful. He shows a lot of patience with my faults and mistakes as well.
  • He shares his coffee – His always tastes better than mine. He humors me. What a great guy.

Photo stolen from my sister-in-law, yet again. This is a bridesmaid’s bouquet. I didn’t pick the specific bouquet styles or flowers. Instead, I sat on the floor for an hour marking types of flowers I liked in old magazines and books, and asked for something casual and spring-ish. My mom and a friend of hers from church took care of the details, a fact I’m eternally grateful for. While I put in extremely long and exhausting hours at work, my Mom cheerfully pitched in to help whenever and wherever I asked – organizing the flowers I chose into actual arrangements, booking rooms for the wedding party, solidifying details with the caterer we chose, and a million other administrative details we asked for help on. She didn’t complain, and, more amazingly, she gritted her teeth and politely accepted our choices even when they went against her personal preferences. You have no idea how hard it is for a decorator to do that. Weddings are humbling – we can never repay the countless family members, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and total strangers who pitched in and helped make all the details come together. Thanks y’all!


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