Wedding Week – Part 2

Continuing the list of things large and small that I appreciate about The Man:

  • He’s both thrifty and generous– We’re very careful financially and have specific savings goals. However, I’m sometimes overly conservative with money to the point of being miserly. Carl reminds me, by word and action, that all money is a gift from God to be used for His glory and the benefit of others. He’s generous with his time and his resources, and I want to be more like him.
  • He handles the icky stuff – Without being asked, Carl takes out the trash, disposes of smelly old food or messes in the fridge, and volunteers for bathroom cleaning duty. Truly, one of the most appreciated and romantic gifts this odor-sensitive woman could dream of.
  • He’s a real man – Carl goes above and beyond the call of duty (and the requirements of his marriage vows) every day. He works incredibly hard to provide for us and our future children, but he’s also a dependable and a huge help at home. He faces work with determination, hardship with courage, and people with respect and compassion. I know Carl will take care of us – not only is he a husband and best friend, he’s my teammate looking out for me, and the officer who makes sure everyone is taken care of and nobody gets left behind. I remember developing a crushing migraine one night in Colorado. He drove an hour through the mountains in a blizzard to pick up medication, a heating pad, and a couple unasked for treats like chocolate…and he’s always that kind of guy. As a return favor, I make sure he gets out of the desert when we lose the trail, run out of water, and he develops heat stroke. We’re a good pair.
  • He is patriotic – Not mindless nationalism, but serious and deliberate love of all that is great in our heritage, constitution, and national character. He joined the Army to defend our country. He stands with equal firmness against evils that threaten us from within like greed, abortion, and an overreaching government.
  • He’s great company on a road trip – ….even if he does pick the weirdest flavors of chips whenever we stop at a gas station.

We were married in my university’s chapel, a beautiful gothic building with the beatitudes inscribed around the perimeter, carved wood panelling, and lovingly detailed stained glass. Family friends decorated the church with garlands and flowers before the ceremony. Our amazing photographer (a long-time friend of my parents and father to one of the bridesmaids) took this photograph.


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