Wedding Week – Part 1

We got married almost two years ago. This anniversary week I’ll be posting a few things every day that I appreciate about my husband. Big things. Little things. No particular order.

Carl, you’re the best. Thank you for marrying me.

  • He loves God – My husband is deeply Christian, thinks through his faith, and acts on what he believes. He’s constantly sharing a theological tidbit he’s just read or an idea from a recent sermon. He makes sure we read though the scriptures together every day. While deployed he’s been helping at the Catholic mass by creating missals and reading the scripture passages while also preparing and leading the music for the Protestant services. His determined faith and example push me to grow in Christ every day.
  • He’s funny – Fall down laughing hilarious, actually. His impersonations are the best.
  • He’s handsome – Yes, I know, looks aren’t everything in a spouse, but I’m not about to complain about those impressive biceps….*cough* anyhow…moving on…
  • He holds the hymn book – I don’t know why, but I miss Carl most when we’re singing in church. He always holds the hymnal for us both.
  • He’s brilliant – He’s not just smart, he’s wise. He’ll quietly chew on an idea for days or weeks, and then one day he’ll spit out a fully formed, crystal clear concept or analogy that completely floors me. He reads broadly, deeply, and thoroughly, and it’s amazing just getting to sit and trade thoughts.
  • He’s adventurous – He’s brilliant, intelligent, and well-read, but he’s also always ready to hike, camp, swim, boat, and explore. He’s quick to say yes to new adventures and pursuits. Backroading in the desert? Snowmobiling? Kayaking? Snowshoeing? Skiing? Climbing mountains? Biking? Sure! Why not? Sometimes it feels like we’re not just a married couple, we’re an expeditionary force. Carl constantly makes things I never thought I’d get to do possible.

More to come, every day for the next week.

The photo was taken by my talented sister-in-law. Several family friends did the flowers. The bridesmaids’ dresses were Regency style – think Pride & Prejudice.


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