Operation Home Fire – Furniture Finds

Our living space doubled when we moved this summer. Our furniture tally did not.  Some rooms look a little spartan (to put it tactfully), but we’d rather slowly buy pieces we love at prices we like than splurge on fillers.

This summer I found a sturdy table and four chairs for $50. In the fall we bought our bed. My grandparents handed down a beautiful old New England chair. Overall though, it’s challenging finding what we need around here. Soldiers deploying or PCSing leave lots of used items behind, but it’s primarily flimsy Ikea or Walmart furniture – cute, but not built to last. My parents’ area, however, contains a wealth of old farm furniture. It’s sturdy, inexpensive, traditional, handmade, and attractive. I left for Christmas on a mission, and drove home with three tables crammed into the SUV for a net cost of $100.

Up until this week, our TV sat on a shiny silver and black Walmart TV stand. Carl bought it and the TV back in Residency. Sturdy? Yes. Served its purpose? Yes. Matched our current home? Not so much. We don’t watch TV at all but like to kick back for a weekly movie night together. Since the living room is the only space with a couch, the TV lives there as well. Thanks to the Christmas trip we went from this difficult-to-dust, stylistically anachronous, and prone-to-junk-collecting stand:

….to this:

Please forgive the as-yet unwrangled cords and the picture quality. My family chipped in together and got me an amazing new DSLR camera for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait long enough to set it up when I took these pictures a week ago. This table came from a rural antique store run by my Mom’s friend. I’m not sure we’ll always use it as a TV stand instead of a side table or game table, but for now I love it. It’s an older piece of furniture – the rough materials fit our simpler style, while the gentle curves help break up the sofa’s large square look. There’s no waste either – the old stand moved out to the garage where we’ll use it for gear and tools.


4 thoughts on “Operation Home Fire – Furniture Finds

  1. The new table is fantastic!

    When we moved to our current house we had the same lack of furniture issue. For awhile our living room and dining room were empty. Actually, I still have furniture in some rooms that doesn’t match the room, but it was whatever we had (which we probably acquired for free from someone throwing it out).

  2. Sarah-

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and will return again!

    I completely agree about furniture. I love old pieces, even if they aren’t top of the line. I like knowing that the pieces of furniture that I acquire have already lasted 50 – 100 years, and will last at least that long again. Plus, real wood furniture gives a home a much cozier feel than the build-it-yourself metal stuff from Ikea any day.

  3. Stacey – Thanks! I can’t wait to see how it looks with a little wax and buffing. We still have plenty of the mismatched furniture – I try to hide it in the least obvious corners of a room, but it’s there.

    Val – Old furniture has so much more character, doesn’t it? It would drive me nuts to have a room where all the furniture was new and came from the same set at the same store. I love the rich wood tones and deeper colors of old furniture.

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. So pleased to come over here and find you a military blogger. My DH is in the Australian Army.

    Love your new TV stand. The curvy legs are gorgeous.

    Your comment on increased space and increased furniture gave me a laugh. We find that with all our postings the dimensions and size of house changes so we always have either too much or too little furniture:)

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