The drive home from my parents did not go quite as smoothly as the drive up.

– The windshield cracked from side to side. No provocation, no rock, no bullets, just “Pop!” and a three foot crack. It wasn’t as exciting as Agatha Christie’s similar The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, which is probably a good thing.

– A courteous Ohio State Trooper handed me my first ever speeding ticket. I earned it  – he caught me coasting downhill doing a peppy 68 in a 55. Could we blame the ticket on too many episodes of Top Gear over Christmas? Sadly, no. I was just admiring the scenery while listening to a classic novel on CD, power sliding and speed records not even on my radar. Radar. Heh. heh..get it?…never mind.

– There were two stand-on-the-brakes-and-skid-down-the-road moments – one to avoid a car turned the wrong way on the highway, and one to avoid a lop-eared hound dog ambling amiably across the interstate.

Hiccups or not, I love driving, road trips, and the beautiful scenery along the way.


3 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Yikes! I remember when the Mr. was deployed and I got rear-ended in my first and only car accident to date. I think I began to dislike driving then. It seems that after leaving NYC and moving down to NC I’m convinced driving in NC is more dangerous. Thankfully you were able to reach home safely, despite the obstacles.

  2. People in our area of the South believe red lights are only a suggestion. Admittedly, it still feels safer than the time our family was split between two cabs in NYC. The first cab hit the second cab and then just kept going.

  3. I took driving tests in both states and the one in NC was a joke compared to the one in NYC. Of course, now I have the idea that NC drivers don’t earn their licenses.
    Driving in NYC is no joke, though. And those cab drivers…

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