The Self-Censored Soldier

The Man called from Afghanistan this morning. It went something like this:

Me: “So what did you do today?”

Him: “Well first I had to deal with….oh wait, I can’t talk about that….well, I went to, mmm…. BEEEEEEP and then I talked with BEEEEEEP about BEEEP and we had to deal with BEEP and do BEEEEEP…”

Me: “Wow. It’s nice to feel so well-informed about your life.”

Him: “….and then I had BEEEEEP for dinner…”


5 thoughts on “The Self-Censored Soldier

  1. Communication is definitely entertaining. At least it beats WWII where soldiers could only send letters, and censors cut out sensitive information with scissors and families received letters full of (literal) holes…

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