Next Stop: Dickensian Debtors Prison

They say everything goes wrong when a spouse deploys. The deployment gremlins must’ve been on Christmas holiday in December. Today they reunited, yelled “Surprise!”, and pitched three letters from the mailbox.

The first letter just reminded me to pay taxes in April. Not so bad.

The second note hailed from the med school student loan company announcing they never received our last payment. This, despite spending roughly a month on the phone with their clerks confirming auto-pay worked before Carl deployed.

The third letter came from the home warranty company threatening us with a debt collection firm if we don’t pay the bill on our microwave service. Oh, that bill? The one we already paid, in person, to the technician when he came to our home a month ago?

When the mail comes tomorrow I’ll be unavailable, out distributing reading glasses to Accounts Receivable clerks.


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