St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day! It holds the honorable award of “holiday with the most photos of appalling bed-head” from my childhood. You’re never too old for some oranges, chocolates, and a small gift. During the first year away at college Mom enlisted my pastor’s aid. His wife collected a few classic St. Nicholas Day items. She couldn’t put them in my shoe, but did send a kid to shove a filled shoebox at me and run away giggling.

I love the way Advent anticipation builds toward Christmas bit by bit. Advent wreaths, calendars, and readings, each a reminder to prepare your heart for the birth of Christ and his looked-for second coming. That and a chance to duke it out with your siblings for the right to light the next Advent candle. So much for peace on earth.

Making Christmas cards:

Hanging lights on the front porch.

Christmas cookie baking.

Caroling with women at church.

Setting out the first Christmas decorations: the Nativity, holly-embroidered linens, and a bowl of oranges and chocolate.

Watching wreaths, lights, and garlands pop up around the neighborhood.

Wrapping gifts and packing boxes.

Carols on – my favorite channel is Chanticleer (Holiday).


One thought on “St. Nicholas Day

  1. yay for st nicholas day!! 🙂 LOVE the christmas cards – LOVE!

    can i get your address so we can send you ours? (slash birth announcement) also, you should come over sometime soon and hang out! i will feed you cocoa 🙂

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