The Elephant in the (Bath)room

Guess how much an eight foot long bathroom mirror weighs? The inexact answer is “a lot more than I thought.”

This evening I put a second coat of paint on the inner part of the master bathroom and started prepping the outer room for painting as well. The walls demand washing, switchplates and fixtures must come down, and the gargantuan mirror needs a new home. I expected the mirror to weigh about as much as an equivalently sized piece of glass. It didn’t. Luckily there’s a long counter right below the mirror, so when the unexpected elephant slid into my hands I was able to drop  ease it onto the counter. It’s much too heavy to carry alone, but a towel under each end and it was ready to scoot across the hall to a temporary residency in the guest bedroom. Next stop, craigslist or donation.

Here it is, “reflecting” on its fate. Ah ha. Ha. ha….never mind. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to write posts after their bedtime.

Determined not to be sidelined so easily, it left a surprise behind: a mirror-sized patch of wallpaper. We’d already discovered that someone painted over older wallpaper in that room rather than stripping it. Now we know they chose to paint around the mirror rather than removing it as well. Forgive the countertop littered with painting paraphernalia and just enjoy the creative collage that is our bathroom wall.

In the future, once painting is complete: changing out the theater dressing-room lights for something traditional, finding two inexpensive mirrors rather than re-hanging the cheap-looking big one, and updating the cabinets with some crisp new paint. That and cleaning up that mess.


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