Seven Quick Takes, in which a snail is consumed

Take 1

Our household finally joined the modern age yesterday. Carl received his Christmas present from my parents early, in time to take it along for many hours of “hurry up and wait” during deployment. Next thing you know we’ll be switching from telegraphs to telephones, trading in the typewriter for one of them thar’ new-fangled computers, and getting electricity. But don’t rush us.


Take 2

I came up with this easy french toast variation last year and had it again for breakfast today. It takes no more time than regular french toast, and tastes delicious.

Make french toast as you normally would, dipping sliced bread in eggs whisked with milk, and frying them in a buttered frying pan. While the bread cooks, heat cream cheese (roughly 3 tablespoons per slice) in the microwave for about 30 seconds, just until softened. Stir in just a little sweetener (honey, sugar, or artificial) – just enough to take the bite off the cream cheese but not enough to make it very sweet.  Pour in a drip of almond extract (a little goes a long way) and stir with a fork until mostly smooth. Slice a banana into roughly 1/8 inch thick rounds.

Slather the cream cheese mixture on the cooked bread, then layer the sliced bananas over the top. Often the bananas provide plenty of sweetness in and of themselves. If you’d like it a little sweeter, drizzle a bit of honey over the top. 

You could easily substitute other extracts (like orange extract) or different fruits. Almond-cream cheese-raspberry french toast sounds good.

Take 3

The big store Christmas tree is already up at Walmart. Before Halloween, really?

Take 4

Yesterday evening was Trick or Treating night in our town. We went out for dinner with friends, but left a bowl of candy with a “Please take one” sign on the front porch. By the time we got home it was all gone – the jury is still out as to whether numerous trick-or-treaters visited in our absence, or just one greedy teenager who dumped it all in a pillow case.

Take 5

Since we were out most of the evening, the only costumed kids spotted were a fairy princess skipping through Walmart, a cat, and a disconsolate toddler lion across the street.

What Halloween costumes did you wear growing up? We always made our own or borrowed them. Mine were: age one – pioneer baby, age two? – ladybug, age 3 – clown?, age 4 – sheep, age 5 – cowboy (back when nobody cared if you took your toy gun to school), age 6 – Peter Pan, with Phil as Captain Hook and Pete as John. I also remember Philip as a math professor, a clown, a chef, and one of the three musketeers, and Peter as a clown, a sheep (can you tell we had some repeat hand-me-down costumes yet?), and a bookworm.


(Not Halloween, but all dressed up with no space station to go to. Maybe that’s why we look so depressed)


Take 6

I ate my first snail.  Escargot tasted, as promised, just like the garlic and butter it’s cooked in, with the chewy texture of a mushroom. However, if you can just eat the garlic and butter plain for the same taste, why do we pay extra for the escargot? (P.S., wordpress spellcheck wants me to replace Escargot with “Iscariot”. What does it know about the snail’s character that I don’t?)

Take 7

 There’s a Reformation Day festival for church tonight, and hopefully All Saints and All Souls services Monday and Tuesday. Multiple churches equals more fun?


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