It’s been half a year since I’ve written.  A not-true-but-still-true statement since I write every day – financial summaries, client emails, grocery lists, signatures on checks, scribbled directions.  But at a certain point your brain stutters and collapses at the thought of yet another funding summary and begs for something more. The overwhelming desire to compose a novel at your cubicle desk might be a hint that it’s time to write a bit for fun.  To avoid any awkward confrontations with my boss about the New War & Peace blossoming out of my computer, here I am.

This is a new writing location, partly because it supports the style of updates I would like to make, and partly because most people I know have dropped off of xanga and been replaced by angsty teenagers alternately moping about life and omigoshing about that cute boy in second period chem lab.  Posts will likely be irregular in timing and topic – good books, what we’re up to, photos for family, illogical exhausted drivel.  If life is organized (ha!) there will probably be a running sidebar following a few routines like what’s getting read in our house and what’s cooking.


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